Linyi Fuda Intelligent Machinery Factory

Big size full automatic hydraulic brick production line, it could produce different wall blocks and interlocking paving bricks.

Movable block press machine for different wall blocks, no need pallet, save cost.

It could produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, houdis, interlocking bricks, paving bricks, kurbs, curbstones, pavers.

This machine could produce clay or cement interlocking paving bricks and concrete hollow block for house building

main products

The process is controlled by PLC and fitted with remote control device.for PLC control system ,we usually use Japan Mitsubishi or Taiwan Brand .

about us

Linyi Yingcheng International Trade Co.,LTD. Was established on Fuda Intelligent Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.. It is located in Linyi City, near Qingdao port. The company is a national large scale designated.... ...

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